Lighthouse of Alexandria Final Rendering

To texture my lighthouse I found 2 seamless textures, one of stone for the island the other for the limestone on the lighthouse. I used these textures because they were very high resolution so they would look very clear when on my model, and the rock texture looks really good when applied to a very big island.


I then added a large plane on the floor of my scene, I then applied an ocean shader to it. This was a very simple and easy way of making a large ocean which looks really good. I used Mental Ray to render the final images as they would look very realistic, especially with the ocean shader in the scene. Also Mental Ray has a sun and sky which can be imported to the scene to give a good representation of the sun. Here are my 4 final renders all in A4 size…756



Since rendering these pictures I have made slight adjustments using Photoshop. The main thing I have done using Photoshop was the sky lines in each scene. As the sky which is used in Mental Rays sun and sky is a bit plain in my opinion and I was unsure how to add in clouds using Maya. I found images of a sky which would fit with the render, so I had to find ones with the sun coming from the right direction and with the sky colour which would match with the sea colour. I then had 4 different rendered scenes, but still I felt that they looked a bit plain as they were all sea. So I was planning on putting in a Roman style boat in the background, I could of made a 3D model of the boat, textured it and then in the final render it would fit in better and it would be casting shadows in the correct direction. But I did not have time to make the 3D model and texture it, so I had to find an image of a boat similar to the one I was planning on making and then use Photoshop to edit the boat into the sea in the background. As you can see from the render this has worked fairly well, but I still feel that if I had more time I could of made a 3D model of a boat which would of looked much better in the foreground of the images.

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